Race Review: Seattle Half Marathon

Time and Place The Amica Seattle Marathon is held each year in late November on the weekend of American Thanksgiving. The course takes participants on a scenic tour of the city, beginning and ending by the base of the city's iconic Space Needle. Race Distances Half and full marathon: 21 km and 42 km (both... Continue Reading →

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Race Review: Cloudsplitter100

Time and Place In 2017, the Cloudsplitter100 was held early October in the Jefferson National Forest with a start and finish in Norton, Virginia. In previous years, however, the race took place on the trails of Kentucky’s Pine Mountain (more on that later). Race Distances Moderate to Ultramarathon: 25 km; 50 km; 100 km; 100... Continue Reading →

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Adventure Guide: Arches National Park, Utah

My Arches Experience I first visited Utah in the spring of 2016, and to say it was impactful is an understatement: In a year and a half, I don’t believe there has been a day I haven’t thought about that state and the unique beauty it holds. I drove straight from Ontario to Moab, and... Continue Reading →

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Race Review: Sulphur Springs Trail Race

Time and Place Sulphur Springs is organized by the Burlington Runners Club and is held late May in the Dundas Valley Conservation Area, Ancaster, Ontario. Distances Moderate to Ultramarathon: 10 km; 25 km; 50 km; 50 miles; 100 km; 100 miles; 100 mile relay Note: 2017 had a 200-mile option but was added specifically to commemorate its 25th anniversary. To my knowledge,... Continue Reading →

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Of Mountains and Mats: A Weekend at Wanderlust

Let’s try something. Just for a moment, picture your solace - the place you feel the most at peace. What does it look like? When I think of mine, it often features a faraway place, a trail, and perhaps some gentle clouds flitting across distant snow-covered mountains. Most often, it also features solitude. It was... Continue Reading →

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In Training: The Great Range Traverse

8:16pm: From the summit of Lower Wolf Jaw, I watched the glowing red sphere of evening sun sink behind the far away High Peaks of the Adirondacks. Since the sun had started its descent, my spirits had followed. To be out by dusk, I had timed our hike around a 17-hour finish, but it was... Continue Reading →

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Chained by Daisies: My First Year Outdoor Climbing

I remember a long summer afternoon when, as a young girl, I sat amongst long blades of grass while plucking the petals off of those common little white flowers. With the first between my fingers: ‘he loves me.’ The second: ‘he loves me not.’ With childhood innocence, I placed all my hope that as the last... Continue Reading →

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Adventure Guide: Ottawa, Ontario

My Ottawa Experience Those that know me well may laugh that this city was chosen for my first featured adventure guide as we haven’t always had the friendliest of relationships; my time living in Ottawa was a true #faillaughlearn experience. And while we may not have been best friends with me as a resident, we... Continue Reading →

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