Pilot: A Love Letter

Hello again,

 You may not remember me. We met in April of last year, almost a year to the day exactly. I will sheepishly admit that I have yearned to be reunited every single day since we parted ways.

 Your beautiful features. Your tangible energy. The way you light up as the sun sets. These images have been imprinted in my mind; I see them every time I close my eyes.

 Our first encounter impacted me in ways I never could have imagined. You brought me freedom, challenge, and a unique sense of community. Through those outlets, you also brought self-confidence and a newfound passion: For that I will always be indebted.

 And so I decided to come back to you. Across plains, forests and mountains… the three-day drive still couldn’t keep me away. The seemingly impassible and foreboding barrier of the Rockies instead were a comfort; I could rest easy just knowing you were waiting on the other side.  

 I could sense immediately that our connection had withstood the test of time. The electricity still hangs in the air, along with the anticipation of what this visit will bring.

 I have returned with a completely different perspective but also with different ambitions. Whatever happens this time, I know it will continue to challenge my limits and progress my perspectives on passion; but as well my perspectives on life.

 I know our time together will once again be short, but I am comforted by the fact that after I have left, your inspiration will continue to ignite so many more candles; your sun will shine on others as it has on me.  And so the cycle continues.

 Sincerely yours,

 – Bobbi

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