Good Intentions

Last night I attended my first yoga class after a long and heartfelt absence.

After moving through a couple of postures, it didn’t take much to notice that both the physical and mental strength I had built by attending regular classes had dissipated – much like the breath of those long restorative exhales.

Early on in the game, our instructor asked us to set an intention for the class.

I embraced this little challenge. I mulled it over for a moment before deciding upon ‘persistence.’

After my six-month long hiatus, I knew that holding those poses would be more difficult than in other classes I had attended in the past. Maybe, just maybe, this would help me get through the remaining 45 minutes.

In reality, how effective could that one simple shift really have been?

Admittedly, the words ‘I don’t like this’ and ‘I want this to end’ often came to mind. ‘Persistence’ would quickly follow.

When the desire to come out of a pose became almost overpowering, ‘persistence’ willed me to continue – even for one additional breath.

When the mind became weak and the muscles wanted more fuel, ‘persistence’ powered me through.

Having that simple, intentional guide to take me through the class was gentle enough to eliminate any self-discouragement, yet strong enough to garner the grit I needed. 

I had forgotten how strong the principles of the practice could be.

Thank you, De La Sol.


Fitz Roy Photo Cred: Dear friend and Patagonian travel companion Edward Bowe

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