Little Moments – Pilot

The moment you step into an adventure, there is a string of events that will inevitably take place. With them can come moments of challenge, exhaustion, and sometimes despair. But if you look hard enough, below the surface lie the hidden gems that make the struggle all worthwhile. Those little moments that say: ‘Hey outside! I’ve won.’

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1. When you’re less than a kilometer from the finish line and you hear your first cowbell.

First race or hundredth; five kilometers or fifty, that cowbell means you’re almost there.

Your energy reserves are tapped. The growing cheers become your fuel. Your pace quickens, the finish line comes into view, and you suddenly sprint across it with borrowed energy from the crowds.

You’re exhausted. You’re smiling. You might even be emotional (those cheers will get ya).

But most importantly… You’re done.

Thank you, spectators.



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