Little Moments #2

The moment you step into an adventure, there is a string of events that will inevitably take place. With them can come moments of challenge, exhaustion, and sometimes despair. But if you look hard enough, below the surface lie the hidden gems that make the struggle all worthwhile. Those little moments that say: ‘Hey outside! I’ve won.’

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2. When you pull your hand out of the bag of trail mix to see that you grabbed 60% chocolate.

You look around stealthily to make sure no one else sees what you see (this goes against some unwritten rule, doesn’t it?). And then you down it before they do.

Belly satisfaction for the rest of the day: guaranteed.

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  1. Fun. This reminds me of a story from my long ago. We (Dad, brother, 2 cousins and I) were doing half of the Tahoe- Yosemite trail. We awakened to snow on our last day. Quickly we broke camp, and were each having a handful of gorp to get us going. My brother, who was 13 or so, was groping and groping around in the communal bag. when asked why he was taking so long, he replied that he was hoping to find a fruit jelly (most of which were gone days earlier). My exasperated father exclaimed “Jesus Christ, William” A lot of full names rarely heard. Will took what he got and we made it out that morning.

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  2. I love this story! Definitely put a smile on my face this morning 🙂

    We all just want the good stuff don’t we? No one needs the sunflower seeds left at the bottom…

    We actually used to have competitions to see who could make the best GORP – but we started getting so elaborate that the cost of the trail mix was more than the cost of all our other food combined! Dried strawberries, dried kiwis and milk chocolate rosebuds (among other, less exciting ingredients) became the long-lasting winner 🙂

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    1. Sounds yummy. This was 1974, I think, and it was the basic raisins and peanuts, with the box of jellies thrown into the mix. And its cold, and wet, and we’re tired, why not go for the good stuff?


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