Little Moments #3

The moment you step into an adventure, there is a string of events that will inevitably take place. With them can come moments of challenge, exhaustion, and sometimes despair. But if you look hard enough, below the surface lie the hidden gems that make the struggle all worthwhile. Those little moments that say: ‘Hey outside! I’ve won.’

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3. When you’ve witnessed the dreaded shift from autumn to winter and finally take the first step out to find… that conditions are actually perfect.

The thought of the cold has been enough to keep you inside for that extra bit longer.

But now you’re out, you see that dear Mother Nature has surprised you with optimal temps for that hike. Packed snow for that trail run. Or fresh powder for that ski.

The air is crisp, the sun is shining, and there’s a brand new energy about.

Winter? It just means you’ve got a whole new beautiful world to conquer.

And so you do.

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