SQUAMISH 50: Week 2

The first attempt at a 50-miler. Admittedly, the first attempt at a training plan. And what I presume to be a 24-week journey of big ups and, I’m sure, gigantic downs.

Follow the leaps, faceplants and lessons learned every Sunday for the SQ50 high-or-lowlight of the week.  

Week 2: The ‘No! My Winter Run Love is Waning’ Week

Maybe it had to happen sometime?

I’m sure my training partners can now anticipate the timing upon which I exclaim ‘Guys! I’m in love with winter running!’

Cooler temps mean easier breathing, packed trails mean lower odds of tripping, and the snow-covered trees… I mean, is there anything else more peaceful to run through?

But then! We got 20cm of snow. And then we got a lot of rain. And then we got warmer weather followed by a flash freeze. Followed by more warmer weather.

Ankle-deep powder. Ice-encrusted snow. Wet and slippery slush. Skating rink conditions. You name it, and this week I bet we saw it.

Although it was a good seven days for conditioning, the mind had different things to say.

Week 2: Let’s say half and half. The ups were high up (but the downs were hilariously down).

FullSizeRender (36)
Crawford Lake Conservation Area, Milton, Ontario.

How is your running mentality faring this winter? Any tips? Gimme whatcha got!


9 thoughts on “SQUAMISH 50: Week 2

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  1. We don’t have much (if any) snow in Texas, actually we have not had any all winter. But, I can imagine that is tough to train in!! I’m sure you will get sunshine soon. I’m looking fwd to pacing 50k this wknd and possibly singing up for my fave road 50 miler this week before the price starts skyrocketing. Next trail race is a marathon in April.

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  2. Playing games helps! Run x miles: build a snowman. Run x miles: Make a snow angel. Run x miles: give you partner a few snowballs to dodge! Making light of the sometimes terrible conditions can help with the mental aspect of a bleak winter!


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