SQUAMISH 50: Week 3

The first attempt at a 50-miler. Admittedly, the first attempt at a training plan. And what I presume to be a 24-week journey of big ups and, I’m sure, gigantic downs.

Follow the leaps, faceplants and lessons learned every Sunday for the SQ50 high-or-lowlight of the week.  

Week 3: The Week it Took a Turn for the Worse

‘The pain in your heel is plantar’s fasciitis,’ stated my physiotherapist, post-assessment.

My heart sank. I had already self-diagnosed, certain that this was the issue, but it always feels so official coming from an expert, doesn’t it?

The not-so-good news: I am sidelined for the foreseeable future.

The good news: The folks at Hamilton Physio are pretty awesome, and since they have hope for a quick recovery, I will also have hope for a quick recovery.

The not-so-good-news: This will set my training back by at least two-three weeks.

The good news: As a continuation from last year, setbacks like these force me to look deeper into what works for my body and what on my body needs work.

I have heard it takes a few years of running to iron out the kinks. In the ultra world, I know I am still just an infant.

waterfalls, Hilton Falls Conservation area
Hilton Falls Conservation Area, February 2018


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  1. Training for a 50 miler is so different from your run of the mill marathon training. Your body will adapt. Be patient with yourself. I think it is good to chronicle how you are feeling throughout so you can go back in the future and observe the things that did and did not work. Anyway, keep staying positive! And if you need an ultra run therapist I am your girl 😉

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