SQUAMISH 50: Week 4

The first attempt at a 50-miler. Admittedly, the first attempt at a training plan. And what I presume to be a 24-week journey of big ups and, I’m sure, gigantic downs.

Follow the leaps, faceplants and lessons learned every Sunday for the SQ50 high-or-lowlight of the week.  

Week 4: The ‘No Running’ Training Week

As a few of you know, I am currently out on injury. However, while the prescription of rest and recovery was originally hard to swallow, my mentality has slowly shifted.

So for this week’s training update, I’ve decided to focus on the things that I have done as opposed to dwelling on the things I currently can’t (spoiler alert! Running is not one of them).

From February 25 through March 3, 2018, I have:

  • Started spinning again. And as a result, I’m inspired to do more cycling this season. Once a semi-avid cycle tourist, it’s been years since I’ve logged any significant kilometres with dear ‘Nons (my beloved bicycle), so this is a welcomed change of heart.
  • Focused on cleaner eating. I recognized years ago that my sugar intake has been excessive, and so eight days ago I decided to finally make the cut. Ever since, I’ve noticed a monumental shift in mentality, body image, and positive energy. Win.
  • Taken rehab seriously. I know if I don’t treat this injury now, it will come back in full force later. Physio appointments and strengthening exercises have therefore become staples within my routine.
  • Become super psyched about warm weather adventures. Road trips. Training runs. The Presidential Traverse. Camping and living free. The snow is gone, the sun is out, and the season is so close I can taste it. It’s going to be a good one (I can taste it).
  • Done some serious introspection. If you know me by now, you also know that translates to a larger article later.
  • Practiced detachment. There’s no point in pining over the setback in training, the kilometers I’m missing, or the race(s) I have or may have to drop. It’s so easy to get caught up in the here and now, and much harder to remember that the ultra life can be a long one if treated respectfully. Which makes my final weekly ‘have done’ fitting:
  • Added to the ever-lengthening list of ‘must-do’ races (of course). Like the TranSelkirks. What even is that!? Drool, starry eyes and future running goals, that’s what.

Yes, plenty of time indeed.

Hilton Falls, Conservation Area, Ontario, Forest, Bruce Trail
Hilton Falls Conservation Area


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  1. Best of luck as you heal from your plantar’s fasciitis. It sounds like you’ve been finding alternate ways to keep fit and eat better. I too have made an effort to scale back significantly on my sugar intake. My energy levels are much more stable throughout the day. After awhile (I’m two months in) I don’t even crave candies, chocolates, cookies, or cake anymore (why do all the delicious treats start with “c”?). You got this!

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