SQUAMISH 50: Week 6

The first attempt at a 50-miler. Admittedly, the first attempt at a training plan. And what I presume to be a 24-week journey of big ups and, I’m sure, gigantic downs.

Follow the leaps, face plants and lessons learned every Sunday for the SQ50 high-or-lowlight of the week.

Week 6: The ‘It Hit Me’ Week

Cross training? Yes. Rehabilitation program? Yes. Positive thinking? Yes.

While I am actively doing all of those things, let’s get real for a minute… I really miss running.

Until this week I don’t think I realized how much of a lifestyle it had become: I miss crunching numbers to ensure I hit my weekly kilometer targets; I miss my Tuesday early morning run crew; I miss the heart-to-hearts my training partner and I would have on our Thursday long runs.

I miss being on my feet for kilometers on end.

I miss exploring new trails.

I miss feeling challenged heading into the week’s longest run; relief and exhilaration once it was over.

I miss the act of running, but I now also find myself longing for everything else that comes with it. The things I may have taken for granted while they were accessible.

After carelessly dabbling in and out of the sport for a decade, I fear I may indeed be… a runner.

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