SQUAMISH 50: Week 7

The first attempt at a 50-miler. Admittedly, the first attempt at a training plan. And what I presume to be a 24-week journey of big ups and, I’m sure, gigantic downs.

Follow the leaps, face plants and lessons learned every Sunday for the SQ50 high-or-lowlight of the week.

Week 7: The Week of Contingency Planning

I figure it’s about that time. You know, just in case.

This week it occurred to me that even if I’m not back to running in time to train for an  August race date, it doesn’t mean I need to let go of my 50-mile goal altogether. August is early enough in the season that, if it needs to be postponed, it can be postponed.

This thought, along with the creation of a Plan B (and C) surrounded me like a big bright comfy blanket. It is easy to attach oneself to an idea or a goal; it is much less easy to detach from it once the course has been set.

My mental cushion therefore looks a little something like this:

  • Plan A (if I am back to running on/before May 1 with a smooth transition back into training): continue to target the Squamish 50-miler.
  • Plan B (if I am back to running after May 1 with a slow transition back into training): drop to the Squamish 50k and plan for a fall 50-miler (doesn’t the Indiana Trail 100 look kind of fun?).
  • Plan C (if recovery is delayed and I experience further issues upon return): chalk 2018 up to a strength and recovery year and come back to crush ’em next season.

My friends and running partners can attest to the fact that, although my weekly mileage has dwindled, my long-term running aspirations have not: I continue to be inspired by all the beautiful races to participate in; of all of the remote trails to explore.

As a worst-case scenario, this year can be thought of as an investment for the many more to come. And really, is that the worst?

Adirondacks, mountains, ultramarathon, training, trail running, Squamish 50
I wonder if my newfound positivity has anything to do with being surrounded by mountains…

5 thoughts on “SQUAMISH 50: Week 7

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  1. I like your plan!! I think that is really wise that you have mapped it out that way. There is nothing wrong with dropping down to the shorter distance either, if you have to. Your body is just getting used to the volume and doing something outside of the norm. As you heal you will just continue to get stronger. I am continuing to send you good vibes because I know you will rock the 50 mile distance! You mentally have it in you to tackle a distance of this magnitude.

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    1. Thanks a ton girl! And agreed about the dropping down/volume. It’s all a process. I think I really just needed to come to terms with contingency planning – and now I have, I feel a whole lot better about the season.

      Heading out for a very short, very slow, and very forgiving test run tomorrow morning. Wish me luck! 🙂

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