Little Moments #16

The moment you step into an adventure, there is a string of events that will inevitably take place. With them can come moments of challenge, exhaustion, and sometimes despair. But if you look hard enough, below the surface lie the hidden gems that make the struggle all worthwhile. Those little moments that say: ‘Hey outside! I’ve won.’

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16.  When the sunrise makes that early morning run so worth it.

Your alarm goes off at 5:30 am. You’re slightly disoriented, and then the realization sets in that you can’t hit the snooze button because your running crew is expecting you… ugh.

There’s a chill in the air; your bed is so warm. It’d be so nice to stay there just a little while longer… but you get up (albeit, a little begrudgingly).

You make it to the decided meeting place (hair disheveled; a bit of sleep in the eye), and after saying good morning to your crew, the run begins. 

As you hit the trails, the darkness begins to lift. All of a sudden, you’re running beneath a pink and orange sky that increases in brilliance through the trees.

The grudge has long melted away: you know these are mornings at their finest.

Sunrise, forest, trail running, trees, little moment

Where is your favourite place to catch the sunrise? 

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