Dear Reader:

I have asked myself over and over what the content of this blog should encompass. Adventure? Travel? Challenge through the outdoors?

I don’t deny that those things will come into play. I will say with confidence that they even set the foundation for the messaging I attempt to relay.

The outdoors has displayed time and time again how it can benefit us as individuals. I have seen it build strength, problem solving and self-awareness (to name a select few). All of these are invaluable in the weight they carry.

Through the content of this blog I hope to encourage vulnerability. I also hope to encourage a shift in perception of the word ‘failure,’ as I believe it is really the word ‘success’ in disguise, only found at the end of an obstacle course.

Within those obstacles is where we find strength. And so, above all else, I hope to encourage the exploration of where they can take us.

Happy reading,

– Bobbi


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