Of Voices and Value: Love for our Local Lands

Although the space between now and Monday’s announcement grows, my social media feed continues to thunder: Outdoor enthusiasts with their protests (‘Solitude not Crude!’) Grassroots organizations with their kickstarters ($159K and counting) Outdoor brands with their lawsuits against the administration (The President Stole Your Land) A war has been declared, and the outdoor industry isn’t... Continue Reading →

Indian Creek, BSc.

You live, you learn. / You love, you learn. / You cry, you learn. You lose, you learn. / You bleed, you learn. / You scream, you learn. When Alanis sat down to write those lyrics, she must have just finished a stint in Indian Creek. They are way too accurate. Our trio drove North... Continue Reading →

Pilot: A Love Letter

Hello again,  You may not remember me. We met in April of last year, almost a year to the day exactly. I will sheepishly admit that I have yearned to be reunited every single day since we parted ways.  Your beautiful features. Your tangible energy. The way you light up as the sun sets. These... Continue Reading →

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