The Unforeseen Fortunes: Fondo Edition

I awoke at 6:45am this past Sunday in Killington, Vermont, on the morning of the 145 km Farm to Fork gran fondo. Groggy and sleep deprived, it took a moment to remember where I was and what had brought me there. After 15 blissful seconds of ignorance, the recognizable feeling of dread sank deeper into... Continue Reading →

In a Battle of Dreamers vs. Doers, Who Wins?

Gran Fondo: a one-day, long distance, organized cycling event.Β  I fear I have done it again. It happens at least once a year: I find myself on an event website that inspires an overwhelming surge of excitement. A beautiful trail race course, a crack climbing clinic, a hilly and scenic gran fondo. I immediately picture... Continue Reading →

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