Of Voices and Value: Love for our Local Lands

Although the space between now and Monday’s announcement grows, my social media feed continues to thunder: Outdoor enthusiasts with their protests (‘Solitude not Crude!’) Grassroots organizations with their kickstarters ($159K and counting) Outdoor brands with their lawsuits against the administration (The President Stole Your Land) A war has been declared, and the outdoor industry isn’t... Continue Reading →

In Training: Woes of a Commitaphobe

When signing up for October’s ultramarathon, I quickly realized I had no idea how to train for such a thing. To attempt setting the stage for success, I signed myself up for a number of smaller races and challenges to help get me there. As part of this mini-goal series, this past weekend I participated... Continue Reading →

Adirondacks, Revisited

A number of years ago, as I drove back to Ottawa after an interview in Hamilton, I ducked across the border and into the Adirondacks. I was getting ready to say goodbye to life in the capital city (a place I’d called home for the past three years) and knew I couldn’t do so without... Continue Reading →

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