Of Injury and Inquiry: The Value of Untraining

Earlier this week I came across an entry by a fellow blogger that has stuck with me ever since. It is the truthful yet beautiful description of completing a task while recalling the steps it took to get there. While I advocate the read, in a nutshell, one simple exercise of retrieving a notebook turned... Continue Reading →

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There’s a Verse for Every Voyage

Guess what everybody? We made it. It's March 1st, which means that spring is right around the corner. The days are longer, pastel colours are emerging in storefronts, and sunny adventures seem like a possibility once again. March always comes furnished with a sense of renewal. While warmer air incites anticipation of the season to... Continue Reading →

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Of Mountains and Mats: A Weekend at Wanderlust

Let’s try something. Just for a moment, picture your solace - the place you feel the most at peace. What does it look like? When I think of mine, it often features a faraway place, a trail, and perhaps some gentle clouds flitting across distant snow-covered mountains. Most often, it also features solitude. It was... Continue Reading →

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In Training: Woes of a Commitaphobe

When signing up for October’s ultramarathon, I quickly realized I had no idea how to train for such a thing. To attempt setting the stage for success, I signed myself up for a number of smaller races and challenges to help get me there. As part of this mini-goal series, this past weekend I participated... Continue Reading →

The Desert and The Dharma Bums

While meandering through the southwest United States last spring, I drove off from a lookout in awe of (once again) middle-of-nowhere-Utah’s raw and utter beauty. Distracted by the landscape, my bag of beloved belongings remained, abandoned at the side of the road. The item itself was $11.00 from Mountain Equipment Coop - I wasn’t overly... Continue Reading →

Good Intentions

Last night I attended my first yoga class after a long and heartfelt absence. After moving through a couple of postures, it didn’t take much to notice that both the physical and mental strength I had built by attending regular classes had dissipated - much like the breath of those long restorative exhales. Early on... Continue Reading →

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