Little Moments #6

The moment you step into an adventure, there is a string of events that will inevitably take place. With them can come moments of challenge, exhaustion, and sometimes despair. But if you look hard enough, below the surface lie the hidden gems that make the struggle all worthwhile. Those little moments that say: ‘Hey outside!... Continue Reading →

Indian Creek, BSc.

You live, you learn. / You love, you learn. / You cry, you learn. You lose, you learn. / You bleed, you learn. / You scream, you learn. When Alanis sat down to write those lyrics, she must have just finished a stint in Indian Creek. They are way too accurate. Our trio drove North... Continue Reading →

Pilot: A Love Letter

Hello again,  You may not remember me. We met in April of last year, almost a year to the day exactly. I will sheepishly admit that I have yearned to be reunited every single day since we parted ways.  Your beautiful features. Your tangible energy. The way you light up as the sun sets. These... Continue Reading →

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