Of Voices and Value: Love for our Local Lands

Although the space between now and Monday’s announcement grows, my social media feed continues to thunder: Outdoor enthusiasts with their protests (‘Solitude not Crude!’) Grassroots organizations with their kickstarters ($159K and counting) Outdoor brands with their lawsuits against the administration (The President Stole Your Land) A war has been declared, and the outdoor industry isn’t... Continue Reading →

Adventure Guide: Ottawa, Ontario

My Ottawa Experience Those that know me well may laugh that this city was chosen for my first featured adventure guide as we haven’t always had the friendliest of relationships; my time living in Ottawa was a true #faillaughlearn experience. And while we may not have been best friends with me as a resident, we... Continue Reading →

Race Review: Sulphur Springs Trail Race

Time and Place Sulphur Springs is organized by the Burlington Runners Club and is held late May in the Dundas Valley Conservation Area, Ancaster, Ontario. Distances Moderate to Ultramarathon: 10 km; 25 km; 50 km; 50 miles; 100 km; 100 miles; 100 mile relay Note: 2017 had a 200-mile option but was added specifically to commemorate its 25th anniversary. To my knowledge,... Continue Reading →

In Training: Woes of a Commitaphobe

When signing up for October’s ultramarathon, I quickly realized I had no idea how to train for such a thing. To attempt setting the stage for success, I signed myself up for a number of smaller races and challenges to help get me there. As part of this mini-goal series, this past weekend I participated... Continue Reading →

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